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I'm trying to sync my Last.FM last played track with my iChat status... right from the command line. I've come this far:

curl -s |
    grep -m 1 -E -e "         <title>(.*)</title>.*" |
    sed "s/.*<title>//" |
    sed "s/<\/title>//"

which results in the currently or last played track like

The Black Seeds – Cracks In Our Crown

Is there a way to forward this string as the iChat / Messages status now?

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Just found it myself... format the output of sed as AppleScript and call osascript...

curl -s |
    grep -m 1 -E -e "         <title>(.*)</title>.*" |
    sed "s/.*<title>/tell application \"Messages\" to set the status message to \"♬  /" |
    sed "s/<\/title>/\"/" |
    sed "s/\&amp;/\&/" |

That's it!

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minor improvement - replaceing &amp; with & : – Daniel Bleisteiner Aug 16 '12 at 13:04
Answer is updated – patrix Aug 16 '12 at 18:34

This is waaaay too long to try and summarise into an answer here, but there is a really cool script that was written to do the same thing but with iTunes here.

Should give you what you need :-)

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