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I'm using Clipmenu application to manage copy and paste tasks.

It seems to me that you can use the shortcuts: cmd+1, cmd+2 to paste the copied texts, but it doesn't work though.

Let's say I copy these 4 lines in 4 times:


Then I'd like to use the shortcuts to paste every one of them. This is:

cmd + 1 (to paste '111111')
cmd + 2 (to paste '222222') 

and so on..

But if I press cmd+1 I just hear a sound and nothing happens.

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Which application are you trying to paste into? I've found issues with some other clipboard handlers in certain applications, but it works in others. You could also try pressing Cmd + V after Cmd + 1 and see if it pastes the data then. – Lizzan Aug 16 '12 at 6:30
I'm trying to paste into a textedit file. What you say sounds to conflicts when different apps use the same shortcuts, but no shortcuts are assigned to the textedit app – chefnelone Aug 17 '12 at 14:05

Invoke clip menu first (shift+ctrl+V by default) then use cmd+number to paste that particular item.

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