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I have iPhoto library in which all my photos exist. I want to pick a photo from iPhoto library and apply it to a contact. But I don't find any such option in new Contacts app (picking a photo form disk). It seems very simple thing to do but yet I cant find a way. Please can you me how can I do it?

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As they removed the option to load a picture from disk in the, you can instead drag it from iPhoto or your harddrive into the contact you edit.

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and once you do this you can easily scale and position it within the Contact frame. – Richard Aug 11 '12 at 20:25

There are two main ways to get a photo from your iPhoto library and assign it to a contact, but since neither is invoked from within the Contacts app, they are somewhat unintuitive.

  1. You can drag a picture from iPhoto (or anywhere, for that matter) onto the photo frame of a contact. Note that, within iPhoto, you can't drag (or copy) a picture while looking at it in the individual, detailed view. But you can drag it from the album / event view.
  2. You can tag people in your iPhoto photos, attaching names from your Contacts, which will then show up in the Faces library. Once this is done for a given contact, when you edit that contact's photo (in the Contacts app), a Faces option will show up alongside Defaults, Recents, and Camera, from which you can pick iPhoto pictures in which that contact has been tagged.
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