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I want to set the "Homebrew" theme to be the default in Terminal. I've changed the setting in the preferences: I chose "on startup, open" : "new window with settings" : "Homebrew".

Here is a screenshot: screenshot of Terminal's "startup" preference pane

Terminal uses "Homebrew" only for the first window. Then I do cmd-W to close the window and cmd-N to get a new window. The new window appears with the "Basic" theme! But if I do cmd-Q and restart Terminal then it gives me a "Homebrew" window again. Why don't terminal themes work properly?

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“On startup” means “when starting Terminal”, not “when opening a new window”. – Chris Page Aug 15 '12 at 3:42

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Go to Terminal → Preferences → Settings → Profiles, select the Homebrew theme, and click the ‘Default’ button. Then quit Terminal and restart to confirm it works.

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thanks, that really helps! Anyway, the app's behavior seems to be wrong, I have an option "New window opens" set to "Same profile", not the "Default profile" and it opens the default, not the same. It's not clear why do they have same/default option, if both actually default? – user109884 Jan 16 at 8:35

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