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I installed Charles Proxy to do some testing, later I disocvered that any traffic going through Personal Hotspot is also routed though to a local port. I've remove the Mac OS X proxy settings, but unless I have Charles open, I cannot connect over HTTP.

I have checked System Preferences > Network and there's no trace of any proxy settings. Can I use any command line tools to list and remove proxies?

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Old question but for anyone else that hits this problem:

Within issue the command:

networksetup  -setwebproxystate iPhone\ USB off

Afterwards, you can check that is disabled by using:

networksetup -getwebproxy iPhone\ USB

This should return Enabled: No Server: Port: 8888

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Can then check that is disabled by using $ networksetup -getwebproxy iPhone\ USB Should result in Enabled: No Server: Port: 8888 – andywirv Dec 6 '13 at 10:43

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