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I'm having issues when trying to connect my new MacBook Pro to my iPhone 4 via Bluetooth. I'm trying to connect my iPhone to my MacBook so that I can use the iPhone as a hotspot through Bluetooth and not wi-fi or a cable.

Things I've done: I start off by clicking the Bluetooth icon, then go to "Set Up Bluetooth Device..." I then select my iPhone when it appears. The pairing popup comes up on my iPhone but it never does pair... I get a popup on my phone later on stating the MacBook Pro was not compatible.

What can be done to troubleshoot tethering over bluetooth?

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Check out this post by @DanielSchlaug on the same subject: It certainly helped me (and a few other people).

Here's the content of Daniel's the answer:

This fixes what i presume to be a corrupt internet sharing preference file. It will also remove all other network settings such as wifi access-points and their passwords so keep that in mind. Other data such as pictures and contacts will be completely safe.

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Reset and choose Reset Network Settings.
  2. The iPhone will ask you to confirm and then restart.
  3. In Settings -> Internet Sharing reenable it and choose to turn on bluetooth if a dialog asking to do so appears.
  4. Reconnect to your wifi-network if applicable.
  5. You're probably done, try connecting. If it doesn't work go on.
  6. In Settings -> General -> Bluetooth tap the blue arrow beside your computer and choose to forget the device.
  7. On your computer go to System Preferences -> Bluetooth and remove your iPhone from the list.
  8. Go to System Preferences -> Network. In the Location drop down choose Edit Locations.... Add a new location and press done.
  9. Make sure the new location is selected and press Apply.
  10. Go back to System Preferences -> Bluetooth and re-pair your phone to the computer.
  11. Connect to your iPhone's bluetooth network.
  12. Back in System Preferences -> Network if you do not have a Bluetooth PAN interface add it by pressing the + button in the lower left.
  13. Press Apply and cross your fingers.
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It worked for me (Iphone 4 BT connected with MacBook Air 13 2012):

  1. Turn ON iPhone's Personal Hotspot (old Tethering)
  2. Turn ON iPhone's Bluetooth and perform the Bluetooth pairing with your Mac in the usual way
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I've posted a video demonstration of Bluetooth pairing here:

and Troubleshooting tips here:

It's not difficult, but you need to perform certain steps in the correct order.


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