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How can I upload/download files from/on to a jailbroken iPhone 3G?

Are there any apps that allow me to do this?

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2 Gb free account. No jailbreak needed.
Uploaded files can be private or be made public (accessible via http link).

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+1 for cool idea – cregox Jan 7 '11 at 1:18

Diskaid will let you manage the contents of the filesystem from your Computer.
iPhoneBrowser will as well, but the interface is much cruder. It is free, though (DiskAid is $10).
i-FunBox is another free option (though not open source). I have no experience with it.

On the iPhone, you can get SafariDownloadManager to download files. It's $5, unfortunately.

Once you've downloaded the files, it's likely you will need to move them to whatever application you want to consume them with, so a local filemanager is probably needed.

iFile is a really nice file manager, and is good for moving data files between apps (books, etc...). It's a few dollars, though.
I believe there are a few free filemanagers on cydia. I'm not familiar with them, though.

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Install OpenSSH on Cydia (remember to change from the default password somehow - can also be done through ssh of course) and use your favorite SSH client. Here's a little how to suggesting WinSCP. On Mac you can use ssh with or even AFP directly with with Cydia's netatalk.

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