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Death is a sad fact of life and over the years some of my old contacts have died. I still wish to keep a record of their details, birthday, day they died, notes, spouse, kids etc in my Contacts and am looking for a recommended way to flag those records to indicate that the person is dead. I am interested to know how other people have dealt with this.

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I've had the same "need." I guess we all do sooner or later. Here's what I did.

Card menu > Add Field > Dates. Then select the Date field drop down in the contact and select custom.

You can also change the general new contact template in the same Cart menu.

I hope this helps.

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You could also add a special symbol to the contact’s comments (I use «†», also known as U+2020 DAGGER), and then create a smart group, where the criterion is Note > contains > (Alt-t).

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As CDK suggests, my solution was adding a new custom date.

My problem was that I didn't want to be reminded with this person's birthday every year. Finally, I deleted the birthday and added a new custom date for "birth", so it's not recognized by iCal and there are no more notifications about it.

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That's a good idea too. Thanks. – Dave Sag Apr 23 '15 at 1:10

As others have said, you can add a custom date for deceased and that will help you keep a record. But that doesn't flag them very well for general viewing. You can't filter by the presence or absence of your custom field (at least not in 10.7).

I would also insert a keyword in the notes to use as your filter, something like #deceased. Then you can set up a filtered group called Not dead to mask all those poor folks. And conversely a Dead and gone group will help you reminisce.

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