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I found many screenshots for Mac App Store or iTunes App Store using pictures like this, I want to find a Mac App can do this work.

enter image description here

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This feature is built in ML 10.8 with the accessibility feature zoom. Go to system preferences Accessibility, select zoom the last feature is zoom style select picture-in-picture. This will be a rectangle and follows your mouse any where on screen. You can use option command = (to enlarge) or - (to decrees) the text under the magnifying rectangle, if you have a keyboard with num pad you can use option command + or - for the same effect.

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It's called a Loupe tool. You'll find it in a lot of different image editing programs. Both Photoshop and Aperture have Loupe tools built in.

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Aren't those just for viewing the image, though? – Ken Aug 6 '12 at 16:37

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