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I sent an iMessage to a friend, and at the bottom it doesn't say "Delivered" as it usually does. It doesn't say "Not Delivered" either, it just doesn't say anything at all.

What does it mean when an iMessage doesn't say "Delivered" nor "Not Delivered"?

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I have the same problem it's not sending to one person I don't know why –  user34055 Nov 3 '12 at 22:04

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The receiving device is probably off, in sleep mode, out of cell reception, flat battery - something like that.

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I believe "Not Delivered" implies an error of some kind, whereas if nothing is displayed that just means the message is queued up to an inactive phone, or backed-up in transit over the network.

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It can mean a few things;

  • Their phone is off
  • Their phone is out of battery
  • Their phone is out of cell range (wifi)
  • You have no cell range (wifi)
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It can mean you have been blocked. I attempted this with my number. I blocked my number send a text, didn't receive it and it never said delivered. I unblocked my number, sent text and it worked as it should by putting delivered under text and me receiving the text.

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What others said was incorrect. Even if you are blocked by another phone, your messages will still say delivered. Blocking a person gives them no clue as to whether or not they are blocked. It will say delivered and nothing more. –  user67824 Jan 18 '14 at 3:07

It can also mean that the other individual has simply logged ot of their account

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When It says delivered that means it has send and when it doesn't say delivered that means that either you haven't go wifi or their battery is dead so the message hasn't gone through I think


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Me and my friend tested it out and when a person has there phone off it will not say "delivered" but it won't say "not delivered" either as soon as she turned on her phone they went through. hope that helps because I was having the same problem

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It would mean that they could be in no cellular service or they could have accidently blocked you or they ment to block you. I texted my friend and it didn't send it never said delivered but when I text some other friends it send. So it could be that, that certain person is in no service or you blocked them or they blocked you.

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If it doesn't say "delivered" within an hour or 2- u were blocked. No one is texting straight thru 2 hours or on the phone more than 2 hours. And I know personally that if I get text while on phone it still says delivered. Some peeps have there's said to "read" n others don't but "delivered" is blocked if never shows up. U can call n won't go straight vm but iMessage/text message will always confirm delivery

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From my understanding, when your message says delivered under it then the person received it. If the word "delivered" dont show it means they are on the phone and it will say delivered once they hang up.

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It means that the message was not sent to their phone.

To resolve try the following

  1. in-activate the app
  2. turn your phone off
  3. turn wifi off then on
  4. If none of this works contact your mobile provider or Apple
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When you text and it does not say delivered it means the other person is texting someone else or on the phone. Once they stop texting or hang up the phone you will see the text message has been delivered.

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