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I used the Unsubscribe plugin for Mail.app, but it is now a part of TrustedID (http://www.unsubscribe.com/), so now I can't use it anymore and want to remove it.

When I want to uninstall the plugin from inside the Mail.app preferences, nothing happens when I hit the button Remove Unsubscribe Plugin. There's nothing in /Users/MyUserName/Library/Mail/Bundles that looks like the Unsubscribe plugin.

How to uninstall deprecated Unsubscribe plugin from Mail.app?

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UnsubMailPluginMail AppOSX is a leftover from a free program which later switched to become a userpay software. The program vanished but the plugin stayed to pop up and annoy you. To remove it.... Open your FINDER window. Proceed to the GO menu.Then down to GO TO FOLDER OPTION. Then in the window delete existing wording and type in /Library/Mail/ When the folder opens, locate the plugin and trash it.

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Reformatting this as a series of discreet steps (1, 2, 3...) would make it easier to read. –  gosmond Mar 20 '13 at 3:02

It's not in your Home folder. Look in the Library folder on the main level of your hard drive. ([Macintosh HD/Library/Mail/Bundles] Replace "Macintosh HD" with the name of your hard drive.)

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No, the folder in the main Library is empty. –  Purr Aug 4 '12 at 4:38

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