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Prior to version 6.0 Safari had no features for managing passwords distinct from the system wide support provided by Keychain:

Before Safari 6.0

but Safari 6.0 adds a new tab in its Preferences dialog for saving and managing passwords for websites:

After Safari 6.0

Does this change correspond to a change in locations for storing or rules for managing the security of passwords? Are Safari passwords still stored securely in the Keychain or are they in a new, separate store?

Where are Safari 6.0 passwords saved?

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The passwords are still saved in the Keychain, and not a separate 'new' location. Safari 6 just includes a new front end for accessing them directly without having to go to the Keychain Access application.

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Thanks for the edit. To append to my answer, in case you have an issue with the new Passwords pane in Safari, you can still manage (delete/etc) them in Keychain Access. – jmlumpkin Aug 2 '12 at 20:20

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