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Story: A colleague of mine told me about 1Password and it seems good to me. I am always trying to use tools which Mac OS X itself gives me, so I've given the Keychain a try. It seems satisfying, but I don't know how to tell Google Chrome to use my specific keychain. I need it to separate saved stuff for work and for private (syncing private to work, but separated from work data).


  • Google Chrome 21.0.1180.57 (Fully updated)
  • Mac OS X Lion (Fully updated)
  • OS X Mountain Lion (Fully updated)

Question: How do I tell to Chrome to use a specific keychain and to save data from/to this keychain?

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As far as I can tell, Chrome uses the keychain automatically:

Google Chrome can save your usernames and passwords for different websites. The browser can then automatically complete the sign-in fields for you when you next visit these websites.

These passwords are stored in the same system that contains your saved passwords from other browsers. On a Mac, Google Chrome uses the Keychain Access to store your login information.


(I'll leave the bit about choosing a specific keychain for Chrome to someone else, I don't know if that can be done)

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You are correct Chrome save it into Keychain by default. I was confused by "Manage saved passwords" in Chrome's settings. Thank you – Mailo Aug 1 '12 at 14:30
You've even responded to and thanked this answer. Why no accept? – CajunLuke Sep 24 '12 at 23:14
Then why does Chrome fail to use passwords stored in Keychain sometimes (even when not on the "do not save" list)? – user124384 Aug 29 at 19:11
@user124384 Do you mean passwords stored in Keychain by Chrome or by other apps? As I understand it, Chrome will only have access to any passwords that it adds to keychain. If Safari or anything else adds them, Chrome cannot use them. – Olly Hodgson Sep 1 at 11:24

You'd better create another user: for work and personal.

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