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I have searched endlessly on the Internet to find a solution, but haven't found a single useful thing. So I'll ask you guys. Is there any way to share iPad 2's 3G Internet with my MacBook ? If possible without jailbreak? If it is impossible, does anyone know ways around it to make it possible?

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There is an HTML5 app which will allow you to turn your iPhone into a personal hotspot without any jailbreak or extra apps. I don't know if it will work on iPad though...

And a second solution is not what you want to hear. The most easy solution is to jailbreak it indeed. There is an app in the Cydia store called TetherMe ($1.99). And it will allow yout to turn your iPad in a personal hotspot within the minute. It's super easy to install and very useful when you're in a desperate need of a 3G connection.

And these days, jailbreaking is as easy as it was before, so I'm not sure why people are against it since you won't lose your warranty or anything alike...

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