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I'm trying to pass some files from a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard to an old LC 630 with an HD floppy drive and a CD optical reader. As Snow Leopard cannot burn a CD with the HFS (Mac OS Standard) file system I thought to use an ancient LaCie USB floppy drive and an old floppy disk.

I could read the floppy disk (of the 1,44 MB type) with the MacBook Pro. However, when I entered into the LC 630 the computer complained I should initialize it and the only options available where Mac, DOS and ProDOS format with 720 kb or 800 kb of disk space. I decided to initialize it with the Mac format.

Alas, now the disk works with the LC 630 but there is no way to read it with the MacBook Pro. It seems that it became one of those old DD floppy disks with only 800 kb available and when I enter it into the USB LaCie drive it just does nothing at all.

How it could happen? The floppy hardware is of the HD type! Moreover, can you suggest me a way to transfer some files (only roughly 700 kb of stuff) to the LC 630?

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OK, I think I solved the problem conceptually. The floppy drive in the LC 630 was defective, so it detected the HD floppy as DD. After some trials, playing with the plastic plug that locks the floppy it eventually detected them as HD so I managed to format them. The best way (for me) to transfer files was to use MacFUSE 2.1.5 and fusehfs. So now you can delete this question, if you wish – Ralph Jul 31 '12 at 16:08

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