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I want to use two iPhones model 4s version 5.1.1 mod MD235KS and connect them to iCloud.

Via iCloud I want iPhone A to sync its pictures with the directory iPhoto on Mac A and similar for iPhone B and Mac B. In other words separate directories for the pictures.

Telephone A and B belongs two different persons and so, they should not be mixed in any way. Both phones have separate iMac accounts. The automatic update / sync of pictures (in Swedish Bildström) is done when a phone can connect to the home network via Wi-Fi.

In order to get this to work I need to open my firewall for the private IP address assigned to my Mac by my router/firewall. I think it will work as a virtual server on https protocol TCP port 443. Since there is only one public address, But two private addresses (one for each iMac) I wonder if it will be possible to fix it. The router/firewall is a Dlink 802.11g wireless router.

Can this be fixed by using port forwarding in any way?

Clarification: The system uses iCloud Photo stream and it works perfectly for one Imac and it's corresponding iPhone. I am using NAT in my firewall so there is ONE public Ip address on the outside of my Firewall and several private ip addresses on the inside. I am not sure, But I think that My Imac is listening on port 443 so if the "iCloud Photo Stream" has to stream Photos to several Imacs on the same private Lan I wonder how to guide it to send to the correct iMac. I think one possible way to do it is to use another port for the second iMac, but that would probably need config /set up of iCloud to be changed / complemented to be able to handle several Imacs on a private Lan behind a FW with NAT?

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Would this be using an iCloud Photo Stream, or something else? – jmlumpkin Jul 31 '12 at 20:24
@jmlumpkin iCloud Photo stream would be used – Tony Sep 12 '12 at 14:55

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