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I've upgraded to Mountain Lion und also upgrade to the latest Version of XCode (V 4.4).

I use the iOS Simulator mainly for Webdevelopment and not for iOS Development therefore I'm not that into this matter.

When I launch the iOS Simulator it takes quite a while to load and the "beachball" is rotating. After 30sec or so the beachball is gone and the simulated iPhone is kinda ready - however, it doesn't show any OS. It's just a black screen!

If I see the iOS Version under Hardware - Version there is only one available option 4.3.2 (8H7) which is checked.

Moreover when I launch the iOS Simulator and the "beachball" appears my fans go crazy and the computer gets really hot.

Any ideas on that?

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Just to clarify: you have installed iOS Simulator from inside Xcode's preferences and you're starting the iOS Simulator from inside XCode, right? – kremalicious Jul 30 '12 at 9:55
no I'm launching the iOS Simulator directly not within Xcode. – mathiregister Aug 1 '12 at 14:59
However doesn't make a difference. If I launch the Simulator through Xcode the same happens - even though I have also updated to the iOS Simulator 5.0 — when launching the Simulator it still launches the 4.3 Version like @XCool says. – mathiregister Aug 1 '12 at 15:03
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Mountain Lion seems to have dropped support for iOS Simulator 4.3. More on this if you check the official developer forums:

FYI, I'm also seeing the exact same issues as yours: beach ball and loud fans. I had to kill a process called SimulatorBridge to stop the fan from spinning.

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Exact same problem here. If I look in my Developers Directory under iOS Simulator and show the file-info it still says version 4.3. But I downloaded the Simulator Version 5.0 inside Xcode. – mathiregister Aug 1 '12 at 15:05

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