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I want to get rid of the clock menu display in Mac OSX. How can this be done?

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Hold and drag it out of the menu. If date and weekday are shown, they will also be removed.

Alternatively, you can disable and customize the clock in:
System Preferences → Date & Time → Clock.

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The easiest way is to hold down the ⌘ Command key on your keyboard and drag it out of the menu bar (you can also re-order the menu bar icons by holding the ⌘ Command key and dragging them around around, if you didn't know).

But, you can also go to  → System Preferences → Date & Time → Clock and uncheck "Show date and time in menu bar" if you'd rather do it that way.

enter image description here

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Go to -

System Preferences → Date & Time → Clock and Uncheck the show date and time in menu bar.


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