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In Mountain Lion, many of the day-to-day apps like Preview, TextEdit have been upgraded with some very useful features. (For instance, you can now insert a page into a PDF document using your scanner in Preview - see here, and pinch the trackpad for zooming in on to a document - see here). However, as far as I understand, these apps are free, and features like these are features of the app themselves, not the OS.

Is there anyway in which I can replace/upgrade individual apps in Lion, without having to install it as a whole (preferably as a dual-boot config!) ?

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"These apps" - Preview, for example - aren't really free. They are shipped with Mac OS X. I think it's reasonable to consider them a fairly integral part of the OS, which you are both paying for, and are tied to that version. – Andrew Ferrier Oct 11 '12 at 13:38
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No. Apple does not distribute these apps individually.
Even if you copy them from one Mountain Lion system to a Lion machine, they are very likely to not work as they are relying on system level framework (or functions in these frameworks) that won't be available in OS X before ML

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