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I had Google Chat and Facebook Chat linked to iChat, but since I upgraded to Mountain Lion I can't see who's online through the bar that used to display along side messaging window. Any ideas?

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Under the window menu you can access all the same contact lists as before (or a unified list if you chose that within Messages preferences)

Command + [a number] is the shortcut to open/close these windows

enter image description here

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The sidebar shows your list of open chats. When someone is offline, the text "Offline" shows under their name:

This also depends on whether you have iMessage-enabled contact information for those people — it seems that if you do, they never appear as Offline.

(Also note that the buddy list window still works well for seeing who's online!)

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I had the same inconvenience but then found it. It's the exact same buddy list you had in iChat:

Command + 1 Or Window - Buddies.

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