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Is it possible to downgrade Safari 6 to 5 in Mountain Lion? I tried to install 5.1.7 but it says it only works with OS X 10.7.

Is there any workaround I can try?

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looks like this needs to be revisited as there are two examples given on how to do it where the "No you can't" answer was accepted. – dstarh Sep 7 '12 at 20:51
@dstarh - the best way to get an accept mark to change is making the correct answers better. As the linked question above is about lion (which shipped with safari 5 - it's a different thing entirely than bolting on a browser that doesn't ship with a newer OS which is the case here). either way, votes and editing can show a "better" answer than even an accepted one. – bmike Sep 7 '12 at 21:00
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No, you can't go back with Safari on Mountain Lion.

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Yes you can. Follow these steps:

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Answers on Ask Different need to be more than just a link. It's okay to include a link, but please summarize or excerpt it in the answer. The idea is to make the answer stand alone. – Daniel Sep 7 '12 at 19:05

Sorry this answer is for downgrading Safari 6 in Lion only

Yes you can go back to Safari 5.1.7 from Safari 6. I found the uninstaller on this site. Third from the top is Safari 6 - Lion uninstaller, click this to download, run it, reboot and Safari 5.1.7 will (surprisingly) reappear, I have just done it, no problems though YMMV.

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