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I recently unistalled Xcode using Sedo developer in the terminal. The reason I uninstalled is because every time I searched for something in finder, millions of .h and .m files would show and crowd my search. After deleting as much Xcode files and folders as possible the .m, .h, & .c files are still showing in my finder window when searching. They are a different color now but still there. I want to delete them badly, I just don't think I should, but I desperately would like them to not appear in my searches. I don't understand why I still have the .h files after uninstalling Xcode. Please help

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May I propose two other options

  • Remove the "Developer" category from Spotlight search results (in Spotlight Preferences)

enter image description here

  • Add /usr/include to the exclusion list (click '+' and then Shift-Cmd-G to enter the path)
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