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When I go to the network browser (in the Finder, hit command K, then click the "Browse" button, or just shift-command K), I see three domain names from a network I used to connect to six years ago. The appear in a list with dropdown trinagles to the left:

How can I remove those? The computer was bound to an Active Directory domain, but nothing I try in the Directory Utility seems to remove them.

This was true on 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, and now on 10.8.

I will not wipe the system and start virgin for something like this that is not causing a problem but annoys me.

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When this periodically happened to me, it had to do with permissions being incorrect in the following areas, preventing me from making changes:

In Snow Leopard (10.6) and later

  1. Open ~/Library/Preferences/ in a plist editor
  2. Find the section favoriteservers
  3. Remove listings for those stubborn locations

In Tiger (10.5) and earlier (if I remember correctly)

  1. Navigate to ~/Library/Favorites
  2. Add/Remove the files with the pesky server names

Hope this helps

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