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I would like to send an email with automator and have a link that shows a couple words (for e.g. name of the site) instead of the whole URL like you can do with the add link inside of Mac OS. I have tried just writing the link as HTML as shown below but that didn't work. Is this possible?

<a href="">foo</a>
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I'm having difficulty understanding your question. Could you please give a few more details, or explain what it is that isn't working for you? – Dori Jan 2 '11 at 7:32
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This is not possible.

Mail's AppleScript API also does not allow for proper RTF mail. The following fails to create a proper mail body with links and everything, something clearly there in /Developer/Applications/Utilities/Clipboard Viewer (part of Xcode 4):

tell application "Mail"
    set theRTF to the clipboard rule «class rtf »
    set msg to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:"Test", content:theRTF}
    make new recipient at end of to recipients of msg with properties {address:""}
    send msg
end tell

You can try to use GUI scripting to copy&paste rich text using the clip board and the actual Copy/Paste menu items.

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