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I install a linux (Fedora) distribution through VMWare (4.0) on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. The the virtual machine open up at the top of the window and hide its taskbar underneath the apple task bar as shown in below image:

enter image description here

Now I cannot move the virtual machine window. Solution?

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I use two workarounds in cases like this.

  1. In the VMWare Fusion View menu, select "Full Screen". The guest OS fills the entire Mac screen, except for a Fusion menu bar with menus View, Virtual Machine, and Window. Then from the View menu, select "Single Window". When the guest OS window comes back, it's shaped better to fit the host OS display.

  2. Log in to the guest OS, then use the guest OS's control panel for display settings to reduce the size of the guest OS's display -- say to 1024x768. Then from the Fusion View menu, select "Single Window", if not already selected. The result is a guest OS window which takes up less of the host OS display. Adjust from there.

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