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Is there a way, with the current AppleTV, to watch a bunch of Youtube videos without having to select each one by hand?

That is, either by entering some keywords to search for, or by providing it with a 'playlist' somehow.

Order isn't important. Exact matching isn't important.

A method for doing this that involved streaming from a Mac would be fine, too, though I don't have a Mac capable of Airplay Mirroring, so that specific feature won't help me.

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I asked at an Apple store, and basically the answer is "no".

The best workaround we could come up with is creating a Youtube account, making a playlist on Youtube, adding all the videos I want to that, and then playing them through AppleTV. It's not exactly convenient, though.

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Yes there is a way. Just add your videos to your "watch later" playlist. And just play. It will play all the videos uninterrupted. N-joy

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