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A few months ago, AirPort on my Mac Mini stopped working – I was unable to connect to Wi-Fi devices due to being continually asked for a password and connection timeouts. This seems to have been a problem that others experienced, but none of the fixes I found seemed to work.

Yesterday, I had some major disk errors that required me to wipe my hard drive and reinstall Snow Leopard from the DVD. After doing this, AirPort worked fine. I then updated the system software using the combo update and AirPort is broken again. The combo update was the only software installed on the Mac Mini other than the fresh install from CD. So, it seems that the combo update broke AirPort wireless. To confirm, I reinstalled Snow Leopard, AirPort initially worked, then installed the combo update which broke AirPort again.

Can anyone think of what could be in the combo update that would be causing AirPort to break, and if so, what can be done to fix this.

Just to be clear "break" means unable to connect to a Wi-Fi device that I can readily connect to from my MacBook Pro. The Wi-Fi source can be seen but when the source is selected either a connection is never made, or I am asked for a password that is never stored despite selecting to remember network, and the connection times out.

(The fact that this is a clean install and the combo update is causing the wireless to break seems to make this different, or at least easier to isolate than other Wi-Fi failure reports).

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Got the same problem, solved using Fix #2 from this article (manual MTU number). It worked fine with Snow Leopard.

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We are looking for complete answers without referring users to other sites (links may break). Can you please extend your answer by summarizing fix #2? – patrix Oct 6 '12 at 8:29

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