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I'm using Pixelmator and Autodesk Sketchbook for drawing and I'd really love to have "lazy mouse smoothing". This is a feature found in an application called LazyNezumi, for Windows, that adds lag smoothing to the mouse.

Does anyone know of a solution for OS X?

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I've had a look around and can't find any specific sites that show how to enable/use 'lazy mouse smoothing' on OSX.

EDIT: Unless this does the job (SmoothCursor): - have not used and am not affiliated with the app/company

SmoothCursor is a little utility that allows you to customize the acceleration settings of your mouse or trackpad separately. Totally recommended for drawing applications and FPS games*!

Developer's site:

LazyNezumi itself states:

I’m sorry but there is no Mac support, and I don’t plan on ever providing any (this was already tricky enough to program for Windows, and I’ve never owned a Mac or programmed with them).

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