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I tried to make an alias to edit my bash profile, but when I save and relaunch a new window, I get the following:

Last login: Sun Jul 22 12:00:25 on ttys001
-bash: alias: nano ~/.bash_profile: not found
Adams-MacBook-Pro:~ adam$

### manually reopen a new terminal

Adams-MacBook-Pro:~ adam$ ebp
Adams-MacBook-Pro:~ adam$  

My .bash_profile looks like :

# edit bash profile
alias ebp= 'nano ~/.bash_profile'
# alias rbp= 'source .bash_profile'

Also fwiw, my other aliases work fine. Any ideas on what i'm doing wrong?

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Remove the space between ebp= and 'nano ~/.bash_profile' and the alias will work.

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doh!... thanks!! – SkinnyG33k Jul 22 '12 at 20:04

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