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Following on from my previous question, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a new iPad, so technically capable of displaying HD movies. And I own plenty of Bluray discs.

So I was wondering if it was possible to convert Blurays I own in order to watch them on it?

(Note: Let's set aside the legality discussion since a) laws vary based on jurisdiction and b) the Internet isn't a good place to get legal advice.)

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Absolutely! You'll need a program to rip the Blu-Rays to your computer, then you'll need a program to convert them to a format that your iPad can understand (like HandBrake).

Lifehacker has a good guide that works with both Mac and PC for ripping Blu-Ray discs.

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iPad does not include a Blu-ray disc driver, so no matter which version you own, it is not compatible with any Blu-ray or DVD movies. But this does not mean you cannot view Blu-rays on ipad, you just need backup blu-ray from disc to computer using free disc ripping tool like MakeMKV, and then install VLC media player on ipad. Place movie to VLC media library and you now can watch Blu-ray movies on iPad.

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