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Firefox downloads my PDF files straight to "Downloads", Safari opens them "in-page".

I need PDF files to save to a file, not to open.

Is there a setting make Safari download PDF files instead of opening them in-page?

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Open up a terminal window: space and type Terminal. Hit enter when its highlighted. When you get to the terminal prompt, type the following command:

defaults write WebKitOmitPDFSupport -bool YES

You won't get a response at the command line, but once you restart Safari it will no longer open them in the browser.

To take it a step further while you're there, you can keep it from opening them once they are downloaded with this one:

defaults write AutoOpenSafeDownloads -bool NO

This last command achieves what the other answer suggests.

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You can make Safari on the Mac download ANY files (mp3, mp4, jpg, pdf and more) by doing the following.

  1. Open the file (movie,music,etc) in Safari. That normally comprises of clicking the link to the pdf/movie/music etc.
  2. Click on the url of the browser (in this case it would end in ".../xyz.pdf".
  3. Hold option down and press Return(or Enter).

The file you are viewing downloads to the Downloads folder on the mac.

I've tested this with almost all file types possible. Very very useful little feature that unfortunately too few people know about.

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When you click on a link to a PDF, hold down the control key. A menu pops up. Select "Download Linked File as..."

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Better yet, you can just hold down alt when you click.

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None of the right-click stuff that should be working is working properly for me (I have a very fussy link). But I have found that if you are looking at the document in-page, if you hover towards the bottom of the window you should get a black control bar... the disk icon will save the pdf to disk.

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Holding option while clicking on a link will automatically download the target instead of opening it.

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Safari automatically opens many files in the browser window. If you want to download any of those files follow these steps:

1) Click on the Firefox menu and select Preferences

2) In the window that opens click on the Applications tab

3) In the column named Content Type scroll down to the type of content you are trying to download (or type the file type in the search field)

5) When you find it, click on the action popup (to the right) and change it from Preview in Safari to Save file

6) Try the pasting the URL of the file you want to download into the browser again and it should now start to download (or ask you where to save it!)

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You lost me at Firefox. – Ray Baxter Oct 4 '15 at 21:48

simple. after you open the pdf page, click File then click Export as PDF

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Right click on the pdf link and click < Download Link File >.

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Welcome to Ask Different. We like answers to be more than just a single line. Ideally, you want to explain why your answer is *right." It also helps to provide links, citations, and/or screen shots. Please review our help section How to Answer on writing good answers to questions – Allan Jun 5 at 21:04

Press print and then click on PDF, and then save as PDF.

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Open the pdf right click --> view/open in preview the file will open in preview save the file

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Can you elaborate a bit, right now it's difficult to understand what the procedure is – patrix Oct 5 '15 at 9:41
Provides a work around, but does not answer the actual question of whether or not a setting is available. – willWorkForCookies Oct 8 '15 at 6:36

From this article:

Go into the Preferences and simply un-tick the option Open “safe” files after downloading.

enter image description here

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Tried it. Doesn't work. – Nathan Jul 22 '12 at 3:37
Doesn't work. :( – Robottinosino Jul 22 '12 at 11:11
This option is for something different -- it controls whether downloaded files are opened automatically or not. – jmk Feb 4 '13 at 2:20

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