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I am a Windows user, and I have never used Keynote or PowerPoint on Mac. My colleague would like me to send him a video/movie file that he can incorporate into and play during a scientific presentation. He will use either Keynote or PowerPoint for Mac to create the presentation.

Which file format would be most convienent for inclusion into Keynote and/or PowerPoint for Mac presentations? Some file formats that I can create on Windows include:

  • *.avi
  • *.mov (QuickTime)
  • *.mpg
  • *.mpeg

On Windows, I have found it very difficult to successfully include videos/movies in PowerPoint presentations; usually the slideshow ends up crashing or the video stalls. I am hoping that the Apple developers have this perfected in Keynote and PowerPoint for Mac.

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I've tested AVI, MOV, and MP4 in Keynote and PowerPoint for Mac. All three work fine in both applications.

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