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I'm interested in upgrading my old MacBook to using an SSD and moving the data drive to where the DVD drive is using an optibay.

Often SSDs come with a licence for NVELO Dataplex software (which is windows only). This software is basically a windows driver that keeps track of commonly used files and moves then to the SSD, thereby giving you a hybrid SSD.

Is there anything like NVELO Dataplex for OS X or should I just put OS X and applications on the SSD, and put home folders on the HDD using symbolic links?

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I have been thinking the same since I learned about Nvelo Dataplex and recently I stumbled upon ssdcache

It looks like they are working on versions for Mac, Linux and Windows.

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Looks like what I'm looking for. I'm thinking about participating in the beta – Grezzo Aug 10 '12 at 8:29
This answer is obsolete now, the linked site in the answer is no longer available. – xpereta Feb 3 '15 at 12:44

This is an old question, but for the benefit of anyone who comes across it: Apple introduced this capability under the name Fusion Drive in late 2012. Officially you can only get a Fusion Drive as a build-to-order option on a new Mac, but many people have reported success with configuring their own using the diskutil Terminal command in OS X 10.8.2 or later.

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