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How can I find the command triggered by a keyboard shortcut without activating it in any given application?

When I press a keyboard shortcut, the top-level menu is highlighted, but, beyond that, I don't get much information about where the command is located, or what exactly it does. Sometimes I discover a key combination (by accident or guessing) that does more or less what I want but I can't find the details in documentation because I don't know the name of the command.

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I've written an AppleScript that saves plain text lists of shortcuts in different applications, but running it usually takes a few seconds. In one of the worst offenders, TextMate, you can search for shortcut strings in the window opened by Bundles > TextMate > List Shortcuts (⌥⌘K). – user495470 Jul 16 '12 at 19:15
Thanks for pointing me to that (and KeyCue; I probably won't fork over $20 for that, though). I don't have enough rep to upvote your comment. If there isn't a better solution you could just put that as an answer. Incidentally I was wondering about this for Sublime Text 2, which actually has all the key bindings listed in JSON under Preferences > Key Bindings - {Default,User}. – dysonsfrog Jul 16 '12 at 21:52
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You can find the name of every shortcut in an app by using a free app called CheatSheet.

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