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I migrated from a 2011 MBP to a 2012 MBP via Migration Assistent and Time Machine.

Now, when I boot the bash process goes to ~20% and stays there forever, with it launchd for root and my user. I also notice, that the trackpad really gets unusual responsive. If I force quit the bash process, it restarts and does nothing and the system gets back to normal.

What can I do?

I already checked the permissions.

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Can you add the output of ps aux | grep bash or similar? Most probably bash is executing some shell script which eats a lot of performance. Has Spotlight completed the initial indexing already? – patrix Jul 15 '12 at 16:13

Select that bash process in Activity Monitor and click Inspect, then switch to Open Files and Ports tab. This should give you some clue on how that process was started and what it is doing. Otherwise update your question with that info, someone surely will help you here

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