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Are there apps or appliances available for iPad (or iPhone I suppose) that would allow me to backup the content (photos etc) of my iPad without a PC?

I was thinking of something like Carbonite/JungleDisk or the Apple Time Capsule.

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You currently need to go either through iCloud or iTunes (PC/Mac) as per this kb article.

There are no other solutions that would allow you to do backups of the iPad.


I would strongly recommend you leave a feature request on the feedback page of the iPad and on the Time Capsule page. Apple read them and when they get enough request for a feature they get more incentive to implement it.

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Apple MIGHT address this issue if there's sufficient demand AND it fits their strategic product roadmap. I suspect that they'll want to drive people to use iCloud and will not want to provide a local alternative other than a Mac/PC. :) – JW8 Jul 13 '12 at 16:46
Thanks for the links! – Danny Jul 13 '12 at 17:54

Check out InterConneX from Econ Technologies:

InterConneX is free but to connect to a Mac, you need to purchase one of their other applications. It's not a well-known app, but it's quite cool what it can do.

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