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I am trying to write a program in Python that will rename a USB drive (from the standard "USB DISK" to my custom "MYDISK").

However, I can't find any way to do this neither in Python nor in OSX Terminal. (I figured, if I can make it work in Terminal, I can simply use os.system("command") in Python).

The USB drive is a FAT32 formatted flash drive on filesystem /dev/disk2s1, and it is by default mounted on /Volumes/USB DISK

What I have tried so far: (from http://techbu.com/2009/06/28/renaming-usb-drive-labels-in-linux)

sudo umount /Volumes/USB\ DISK            ## Works fine
sudo mlabel -i /dev/disk2s1 ::MYDISK      ## Command not found!

It seems that the "mlabel" command is not found in OSX Terminal. Is there an alternative?

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See diskutil

sudo diskutil rename USB\ DISK MYDISK 
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Great! I figured I shouldn't unmount it first. Thanks! –  user1227738 Jul 13 '12 at 11:27

Install homebrew and then:

$ brew install mtools

This gives you mlabel and various other GNU utilities for working with MS-DOS.

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