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I have Mac book pro with OSX-10.7.3, which has to be give back to my company. I bought a new/personal mac book pro and I'd like to copy all the data including bootcamp images.

Is it possible to take the image/backup of entire disk including bootcamp images??

Do we have to worry about any applications if you take a backup on one mac and restore on other mac ??(for e.g parallel software)

Please suggest the best possible backup/copy method to transfer all the content/data/applications from one mac to other.



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Carbon Copy Cloner for your OSX partition, and Winclone for your Bootcamp partition. Winclone is now commercial software, but I believe you can still download older versions for free elsewhere.

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CopyCatX will do exactly what you want.

You could take a look at Apple's Migration Assistant, too, for the Mac-to-Mac file transference.

You can use Migration Assistant in OS X Lion to transfer important information, such as user accounts, applications, network and computer settings, and files, from one Mac computer to another via a FireWire cable, ThunderBolt cable, or via an Ethernet or wireless network

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Make a Time Machine backup of the OS X partition on the old machine which can be restored on the new mac. Just insert a virgin USB drive and OS X will offer it itself. Then insert the drive in the new mac and follow instructions.

For the Boot Camp partition enter it and use the backup mechanism included in Windows for that. Note that the Windows 7 rescue disk wipes the whole drive for Windows, not only the Windows partition so don't do that.

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