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I have MBP from early 2011 and Wireshark 1.8rc2 does not recognize it (under Lion).

What adaptors are compatible with it?

Alternatively, specify if there is a another software that I can use to monitor the traffic on a specific WiFi network (not encrypted).

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Can you be more specific about what happens when you attempt a capture with Wireshark? AFAIK, Wireshark doesn't need to be "compatible" with an adapter. It only looks for network interfaces, not physical adapters. – kccricket Jul 9 '12 at 17:11
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Solved, the problem was that by default Wireshark did not monitor any interfaces but after going to the configuration they became visible and I was able to start monitoring them, even on promiscuous mode.

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You can use Debookee, a network traffic analyzer that also can intercept and analyze traffic of any device on your network: iPhone, iPad, TV, other computers ...

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