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If anyone can help me with this it would be the best! I have just installed 150 Mac minis in a hotel and I'm using remote desktop management to control them. Now I need to disable DVD player auto start when a DVD is inserted. I would like to know if it's possible to do this by using Terminal?

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Couldn't you just copy the preference files? I don't know anything about managing multiple Macs, but there's probably some better way to do this.

Opening DVD Player can be disabled with -dict action 1. -dict action 105 will reenable it.

The preference for the desktop picture is in ~/Library/Preferences/, but I don't know how to change that directly.

You can find where the preferences are stored by diffing the output of defaults read before and after changing a preference.

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I've never used ARD for this sort of thing, but can't you set system preferences en masse for a group of Macs? If so, the preference you're looking for is in the CDs & DVDs preference pane.

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