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i have a video podcast that i've synced to my iphone. when i browse the iphone through itunes, it shows that the podcast is on the phone. when i open the 'Music' app in my phone, the podcasts don't show up.

the video is H.264 encoded .mp4 files, and my phone has 5 GB free.

how do i get the videos to show up and play?

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Have you checked inside the "Videos" app? If it's a video podcast it should show up there. Inconsistent, I know. – Vickash Jul 8 '12 at 2:36
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Does it play on your computer in iTunes? There is a menu choice in iTunes that will convert to iPhone-compatible format.


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have you tried re-encoding the file with Handbrake or another encoder? The file container may appear compatible, but that's not always the case. Re-encoding should confirm it, plus you can choose iPhone specific compatibility.

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