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I take a lot of photos and use iPhoto to manage everything. I also have a Premium Flickr account where everything gets sent to in order to have an online presence.

Whenever I use the 'Share' option in iPhoto to send them to Flickr, no matter how many photos I try and upload it takes a very long time. After a while it doesn't seem to be actually uploading anymore, but something is causing the process to hang, but I can't tell what. It has currently been about 90 mins and with the absence of any progress bar or indicator I can't be sure when this will end, or why it's taking so long.

UPDATE: After checking my Flickr sets online, two of the sets and several photos (about 50) are not yet uploaded

Does anything have any advice to figure this out?

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Maybe try an export plugin and see if it's any faster? Otherwise, it might be a limitation of your connection.

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