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Most of my contacts that I'm also connected with on Facebook, no longer have any email address in Contacts. Sigh!

The problem is described here:

I have a backup in iTunes, but I dunno if it's after the incident occurred. Then I would have to merge it into Contacts, but it seems like a tricky operation.

I can also go through all my sent/received emails in gmail and copy/paste the addresses from there into Contacts, but it seems very time consuming and may not be a full restoration.

If I restore the addresses, will Facebook then delete addresses again. Should I wait restoring until there is a new Facebook app where the problem has been fixed?

How to restore the deleted email addresses?

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Facebook has commented that this is a bug they intend to fix. If you can afford the time, you could be patient for a fix from their side. – Gerry Jul 4 '12 at 7:33
@Gerry Only if they allow access to the "original" e-mail addresses again. Because the fix for the device will be a simple resync with facebook. – cyphorious Jul 4 '12 at 14:40

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