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Is there a workaround to get my Siberia v2 headset microphone to work with OS X or Boot Camp Windows XP?

In OS X, the microphone is recognized but will not let me switch to it in Steam. The built-in microphone still picks up everything. I tried to switch to into in the Sound options.

In Boot Camp Windows, the microphone isn't even recognized. Under Control Panel > Sound options > Voice... the only option I have is for the built-in mic.

I have one of the newer iMacs.

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There are two options for using a Siberia v2 with a Mac. The first is to buy the one that has the proper connector already (they have one with the 3-ring connector) or to buy the standard, dual connector audio/mic v2 and use an adapter such as Headset Buddy to connect.

The adapter works fine, however, but there is a ritual associated with using this headset with that adapter on my later 2012 MBPr (running 10.8.3). It seems that if I mute/turn off the microphone (using the switch on the headset cable) before plugging it in, then the mic will be recognized by my Mac. But, if I do not mute the mic, it won't recognize the headset mic. When I disconnect, mute, and reconnect, it works flawlessly even after enabling the mic. It doesn't sound weak or lossy as other posters have stated that non-powered mics would.

Obviously YMMV, and I did see another poster that said he had to turn his mic off before plugging it in (not sure what headset he was using, though).

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