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How can I go to my home folder in finder? and/or how can I navigate up a folder tree in finder

I am used to Ubuntu and finding /home/name easily in the gui

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  • Shift+Command+H takes you to your home folder
  • Command+UpArrow takes you one folder up

Have a look at the "Go To" menu in Finder for additional key combinations. Some people like to use the ~ character and the Go to Folder... shortcut as that expands to the current user's home folder like on other UNIX operating systems.

You may also want to have a look at Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts (HT1343) which contains a huge list of OS X Lion keyboard shortcuts.

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In addition to the keyboard shortcuts, your home folder should be visible in the Finder sidebar by default:

Finder sidebar

If not, you can enable it in the Finder Preferences, under the Sidebar tab: enter image description here

If the sidebar isn't visible, you can turn it on with View → Show Sidebar or ⌥⌘S.

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You can set Finder's preferences (Command + ,) to open your home folder by default.

enter image description here

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