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I unplugged my iPhone without clicking the eject button. Now the computer doesn't recognize it in iTunes.

I have followed everything in the help section but still no luck.

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What "help steps" did you follow? We will need a bit more information to properly assist. – ephsmith Jul 3 '12 at 0:59
Did you reboot your PC? Did you reboot your iPhone? – Martin Jul 3 '12 at 14:24

The built in help (on Mac at least) doesn't have the good troubleshooting articles that does.

I would start with running a Device Sync Test in iTunes and if that won't even run, you can fall back to the Device Connectivity Test.

That should pinpoint the source of the issue if it's not software to:

  • OS issue
  • USB hardware failure (on the computer, cable or device itself)
  • Hardware failure of the device (get it repaired / restored by taking it to another computer)
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I haven't had this problem with an iphone but I have with an ipod. To resolve I opened it on another machine. The other pc didn't think itunes was still open for it and so opened it up. When I went back to the original machine it worked fine again.

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Try restarting the iTunes Helper process in Task Manager. Otherwise reboot your device and your computer and that should take care of it.

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