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I have 2x 30 Inch Monitors, a U3011 and a WFP3007WFPHC. They are both capable of displaying 2560x1600.

The WFP3007 only has a dual-dvi input so I purchased a mini-displayport to dual-dvi adapter. When I use this adapter on the U3011 I can get the Full 2560x1600. However, when I use with the WFP3007 the max resolution Mac OS X lists under scaled is 1600x1000 instead of 2560x1600.

I have tried unplugging and re-plugging things back in, as well as booting with the laptop lid closed. I also tried plugging the usb adapter for the monitor into a wall plug to usb adapter to make sure it could get enough power. How might I get OS X to allow for 2560x1600 on the WFP3007?

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I just installed SwitchResX which does allow me force the 2560x1600 resolution. So apparently the problem is somewhere in software. – Kyle Brandt Jul 2 '12 at 21:22

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