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I keep accidentally dragging windows into other workspaces on my Macbook Air running OS X Lion.

Can I disable dragging into other workspaces or make doing so more difficult?

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There's a hidden preference for adjusting the delay in seconds:

defaults write workspaces-edge-delay -float 0.5
osascript -e 'quit app "Dock"'

It can be set to an arbitrarily high value to disable dragging windows to other spaces.

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TinkerTool has this option in the Applications tab, Mission Control, Delay when dragging window to adjacent space: Default / Short / No Delay.
No Delay was selected on my computer, but I don't remember if I chose that at some point. I looked into this because I wanted the "windows aero snap" feature, I just found and installed Cinch by Irradiated Software. The Spaces "swipe" would happen before Cinch was able to do its thing.

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With the Warp pref-pane, you can set a delay and/or require a modifier key(s) to allow a space change.

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