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If you have two remote locations in Transmit 4, say an S3 and an FTP location, and you move a file between these two locations, Transmit will automatically download that file, and then upload it.

Where does Transmit 4 store these temporary files?

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You can find this out by yourself:

  1. Start Transmit
  2. Execute sudo opensnoop -n Transmit in Terminal
  3. Initiate transfer from S3 to FTP

This will list all created/opened files, it shouldn't be difficult to identify the temporary files.

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dude, you're a genius. I didn't know about this snoop app. Will research it, just used it, perfect. thanks. – andy Jun 30 '12 at 11:36

The opensnoop program is remarkably useful, but to answer the actual question in case somebody is in a quick bind, for Transmit 4 the location of the temporary files is:

/Volumes/<Macintosh HD>/Users/<current user>/Library/Caches/Cleanup At Startup/Transmit/server-to-server-B18AC7A9-81C6-4AAD-8F2C-6CD70E65D7FD/data-file-being-transferred

Transmit appears to clean up after itself within a second or two of the upload completing. The name and path of the folder implies to me that the system might clean it up if Transmit doesn't get the chance.

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