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I currently have a MacBook with Lion (fully updated), using the network account from a Lion Server (also fully updates) and I'm able to login to the network account just fine.

However, when I'm offline (away from my home network), I can't login to my account. How do I make the MacBook cache the network account login information for posterior offline use?

I'm able to login at home, put the mac to sleep and use it without any network, but if I reboot it for any reason, I'm locked out (only local accounts are "loggable").

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According to this answer in the Apple Support Communities, I'm needed to create a mobile account on my server:

In Workgroup Manager, select your username in the list of users.

Click the Preferences button.

Click the Mobility button.

Turn it on using your desired settings.

Thanks to HopelessN00b for pointing me to the right direction.

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